Keep Termites Out of Your Wood

Keep Termites Out of Your Wood

Request a termite inspection and treatment in the Etna & Pataskala, OH area

Is your business or home being threatened by termites? To limit damage to your property, you'll need to hire an exterminator who can act quickly to eradicate the infestation.

If your property is located in Etna, OH or the surrounding area, reach out to Spartan Pest Solutions for assistance. We offer termite inspections and termite control services to eliminate these pests and stop them from ruining your wood.

Make sure your space is termite-free. Contact us ASAP when you suspect an infestation.

Rely on us for a thorough treatment plan

When you call us for termite control services, we'll:

  • Complete a termite inspection
  • Identify areas that will need repairs
  • Spot treat infested areas in your interior
  • Set up bait stations around your property
  • Return on an annual basis to inspect your space

Our bait stations come with a lifetime warranty that can be transferred if you move. For more information on the different station options, reach out to our exterminator.