Repair and Sanitize Your Infested Area

Repair and Sanitize Your Infested Area

Choose the only exterminator with exclusion services in the Etna & Pataskala, OH area

When you have a pest infestation, the last thing you want to do is search for an exterminator to eliminate the pests and a handyman to repair the damage. Luckily, Spartan Pest Solutions does both. We offer comprehensive exclusion services to fix small pest-related issues in Etna, OH and the surrounding area.

Call on us when:

  • A raccoon scratches up your exterior paint
  • A possum tears through your basement vent
  • Mice leave debris and droppings in your attic

We'll repair any minor damage, sanitize your space and fill the remaining entry points to keep pests out.

When you need exclusion repairs in the greater Columbus region, turn to Spartan Pest Solutions. Be sure to ask about our warranty.

Give yourself more time to recover from pests

You might be on a tight budget and can't get major pest-related damage repaired as soon as you'd like. That's why we can provide pest control and exclusion repairs in the same appointment. While we can't fix major damage, we'll clean up and return your space to a working condition. This will give you time to determine your next steps without feeling like your space is exposed to new pests.

Contact us today to schedule full exclusion services.